A little part of me is still there..

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To drive on the left, to drive fast (what do you think? Foreign car! ahah!), to eat yummy biscuits, to visit picturesque towns, to go shopping (especially in Primark (ahah),  to see my little monster-cherubs who are growing!


(Patrick and me)

...to spend some time complaining about the system at NEXT, to catch up with my friends, to laugh and to hug my mates, that was so great!!!!
But so short too!! next time, I'll definately try to organise my trip with more time!!

And, I also met little Nadjad: one month old and very hairy, isn't he? sooo cute!!

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la_nouille 01/05/2008 22:24

que de nice pictures !!
vraiment hairy le gosse comme tu dis ouai, c'est un peu bizarre d'ailleurs :p

nath 28/04/2008 20:57

waouw c clair il a bcp de cheveux!!!

LN 28/04/2008 21:18

Et il est né comme ça!! Ma nièce avait beaucoup de cheveux qd elle est né mais pas au point! pauvre petit bout, ça lui tombe sur les yeux!

Guillaume 28/04/2008 19:47

What a beautiful cherry tree!!! And you, Nadjad, you'll be a rocker