What does she see in me?

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She writes the same way I used to, except she does it in English and she's got much more style than me..
I'm troubled.
The nurse also troubled me. She said: admiration/ fascination/role model..
That's too strong! The image of a young sick teacher full of energy (in front of them!)... The thing is, it's probably right. I quite admired some of my teachers and still do, so why not them? But it's too much! She needs some kind of help and I don't know how to give it to her. Speak? but when? Just reading her thoughts through her little notebook she gives me to correct but that's so intimate. Why me? I know, because of English, because of the diabetes, but it's not my role, or is it?
Maybe next year, when I'll be far, maybe then, I could help.. The only thing I can do now is encouraging her to express herself, and that's already a lot.
What does she see in me? Or is it me who's seeing my teen self in her? I'm troubled.

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