The Pilgrim's Progress

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Here is a quote from the author's apology  for his own book: The Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyan, 1678:

"Would'st thou divert thyself from Melancholy?

Would'st thou be pleasant, yet be far from folly?

Would'st thou read Riddles, and their Explanation?

Or else be drowned in thy contemplation?

Dost thou love picking meat? Or would'st thou see

A man i'th'Clouds, and hear him speak to thee?

Would'st thou be in a Dream, and yet not sleep?

Or would'st thou in a moment laugh and weep?

Would'st thou lose thyself, and catch no harm,

An find thyself again without a charm?

Would'st read thyself, and read thou know'st not what,

And yet know wheter thou are blest or not,

By reaching the same lines? O then come hither,

And lay my Book, thy Head, and Heart together"

I discovered this today, and very much liked it.  John Bunyan believed that each Christian should develop his own relationship with God. His book depicts life as a journey. He uses allegories  with the purpose to teach moral improvements...

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