Lost in My own Maze

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I ask myself too many questions
I’d like my brain to disconnect
I’d like to let my Heart lead me
But we live in a world where the Head prevails
We have to be pragmatic, materialistic, and scientific.
I’m lost, divided between Head and Heart,
Unable to take a decision..

What do I REALLY want?
Some sun, some fun, some rest,
A book of my choice,
Music around,
And the people I love close to me..

Does that only exists in fairy tales?
So what? I have to wake up!
Go, Study, Earn your living!
Don’t shout, Calm down, Smile:
You’re alive!

If you’re lucky enough,
You’ll manage to travel once a year,
Your senses will discover even more beautiful colours..
And if you’re even more lucky,
You’ll also build a loving family..

We can’t just take it as it comes, can we?
If you can, I admire you, you’re brave,
Coz what is ahead is a hard game.

We can’t have all we want, can we?
I’ve learned it a long time ago:
It would be too easy!

So, please, quickly!
Go back together, Head and Heart!
Coz I’m freaked out..

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