Sweet 16... (?)

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Life is not easy

I know it as well, believe me.

But drinking won't help

Coz it puts you in a bad state:

It ruins good time and fun  with your friends,

And it ruins your health.

It might make you forget for some time,

But it's even worse after a while.

You're so young!

I felt bad and sad

To see you like this.

So I hold you tight to try to relieve a bit of your pain

But still I felt so useless..

I couldn't do much to help.

I want you to understand

That you hurt people around.

And even if they don't know how to say it

They LOVE you to bits!!

They might just be as lost as you are.

Alcohol is a dangerous game

And for now, you better not play it.

Please take care of yourself,

Coz you deserve it.

And if you need to speak,

Knock on my door,

I'll do what I can..

Great things are waiting for you.

I don't know you much,

But I know you have a lot to give..

Don't waste it!!

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La_nouille 09/06/2007 19:47

:) thx

AngÚle 26/05/2007 00:05

Jpense avoir compris l'essentiel ;-)