J'aime trop être chez moi!

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Regarder mon chat, aller acheter du pain, marcher sur le port, prendre le temps de choisir un magasine, cuisiner des petits plats.. c'est tout simple mais c'est tellement rare! Que c'est bon de passer un peu de temps à la maison!!

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lisa 13/07/2012 10:39

I've just been surfing the web and came across your blog(nicely done). Im an English teacher from Paris and my husband has a job offer in your area . He's got to decide whether to take it this
weekend. I wondered if you could let me know from your experience whether it's possible to find enough work teaching English(15-20 hours aweek) to live . We visited the area and it looks lovely but
it's difficult to know what the reality is !Also how did your English goods sale go?

LN 13/07/2012 12:55

Hi Lisa, 

I haven't been using this blog for a while. I don't live in Caen anymore, just an hour from there. Normandy is a nice place to live, except now as the sun doesn't want to show up! I'm an English
teacher for Education Nationale so I don't really have to look for positions. I did have to do it before though and found some opportunities and I think it's developping. The safest is probably
to send a file to the rectorat and ask to be a surrogate teacher, depends what type of working conditions you're looking for.

As for English goods sales, I think you're referring to the idea I wrote about creating a coffee shop or something like this but it was just as a joke. We didn't really do it.

Thanks for your commentary. Maybe I should go on writing after all.. Please ask other questions if you need.


Nath 08/01/2011 11:05

Ca revient ts les week-ends et toutes les 7 ou 8 semaines quand même ;)